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Next Gen Advanced Endpoint Protection (ITSM)

Comodo Containment Fused with Critical Endpoint Technology secures all your Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile devices from known and unknown Ransomware – without requiring signatures or updates. And, it supports Android, iOS, Windows systems, regardless of the type or age of the endpoint hardware.

Whether it's lack of IT resources or the organizational strategy, many businesses find they need advanced protection made simple. Manage all the Devices from a Single Dashboard.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Comodo Next-Gen Endpoint Protection (ITSM) software brings 7 layers of defense. Together under a single offering for customers of all sizes, to protect them from both known and unknown threats.


Layer 1

Unrecognized processes and applications are auto-sandboxed. They then run in a restricted environment.

Web URL Filtering

Layer 2

This is an advanced interface which helps create rules as per the requirement-user-specific, sweeping, or granular.


Layer 3

This offers high-level security against inbound and outbound threats, protects computer's ports, manages network connections, and blocks confidential data transmission by malicious software.


Layer 4

Comodo Antivirus has notable features like multiple technology-based automatic detection, cleansing and quarantining of suspicious files. This helps detect and eliminate malware and viruses.

File Lookup Services (FLS)

Layer 5

Cloud-based instant analysis of unknown files that checks file reputation against Comodo's master whitelists and blacklists.

Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS)

Layer 6

This helps monitor important operating system activities to ensure protection against malware intrusion.

Viruscope (Behavior Analysis)

Layer 7

This is to monitor the behavior of all processes, which could help identify and prevent potential harmful action.

Ready To Protect Users in 5 Minutes

  • Protect users on any device, anywhere with one step policy configuration
  • Combine endpoint protection, management, and mobility, into a single, EDR cloud-based solution
  • Stay ahead of threats with always-on security that is automatically updated
  • Block unknown threats with Default Deny Technology and proven Containment Technology protection techniques
  • Protect against ransomware and zero day attacks in real time with Comodo AEP

Comodo IT and Security Manager

Delivers a layered suite of protection that is lightweight and scalable. Users can run any application on their endpoint with confidence, having only known good applications running on your network outside of containment.

  • Endpoint Containment Firewall Web Filtering
  • Antivirus Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS)
  • Behavioral Analysis (VirusScope) Valkyrie Cloud-based Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP)
  • External Device Control

Secure Your Devices Without Breaking Your Budget

Security is essential, but cost is still a consideration. Now you can have market-leading security for a cost-effective amount.

  • Designed for Small Business & Enterprise Business budgets
  • Delivered as a cloud-based service that requires no additional infrastructure investments (for a low total cost of ownership)
  • Eliminates the need for IT specialization and dedicated resources

With Comodo Advance Endpoint Protection Securely manage all your endpoints

  • Antivirus Protection for Mixed Platform
  • Patch Management
  • Asset Management ( Software & Hardware Inventory )
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Valkyrie, An online file verdict system that tests unknown files with a range of static and behavioral checks in order to identify those that are malicious. Valkyrie has the option to forward files to Comodo Labs for in-depth, manual checks.

Next Gen Advanced Endpoint Protection (ITSM)

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