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ComodoFree Forensic Analysis

Comodo OffersFree Forensic Analysisto Uncover Zero-day Malware Lurking on Enterprise Devices and Networks

Comodo’s forensic analysis service, part of its Advanced Endpoint Protection solution, utilizes the award-winning Default Deny Platform.

Comodo’s forensic analysis provides actionable results. The downloadable executive summary provides detailed information on the risks uncovered by the file analysis; this assessment gives IT security professionals the exact information they need to protect their environments from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other cyberattacks.

We are offering this forensic analysis free to businesses, to help them uncover unknown malware in their environments and see for themselves the power of Comodo’s default deny technology

Comodo Forensic Analysis

Comodo Forensic Analysis (CFA) is a lightweight scanner which identifies unknown, and potentially malicious files, residing on your network. After scanning your systems, it will classify all audited files as 'Safe', 'Malicious' or 'Unknown'. While 'Safe' files are OK and 'Malicious' files should be deleted immediately, it is in the category of 'Unknown' that most zero-day threats are to be found.


  • No installation required, just run the portable application on any computer in the network
  • Scan local machines or specify target endpoints by Active Directory, Work Group or network address
  • Unknown files are automatically uploaded to Comodo Valkyrie and tested for malicious behavior
  • Comprehensive reports provide granular details about the trust level of files on your endpoints

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