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One Complete Integrated IT Management & Business Automation Platform at ZERO COST!

IT and Security Manager with built in Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Service Desk Ticketing System, and Patch Management, all together in a single, easy to use platform at NO COST!

Increase profits with everything you need to manage your MSP infrastructure and offer subscription services from one integrated management platform.

IT System Management & Automation

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

  • Easy administration of devices and policies
  • Fast deployment
  • Remote device take over
  • Configurable alerts
  • Perform automated procedures

Patch Management

  • Keep up to date with automated updates
  • Granular policy management and administration
  • Support for Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Supports OS and application updates and patches

Service Desk

  • Automation of service requests and professional service automation
  • Comprehensive visibility and control over business priorities
  • Customized service level agreements including extensive time tracking

Remote Control & Access

Review performance data and execute remote patching, updates and service configurations with remote control and access to servers, desktops, applications and mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management

Deploy, secure, monitor and manage Android or iOS mobile devices with GPS location, wipe, and device encryption. Distribute applications, manage data and configuration settings and patching.

Mobile Application Manager

Distribute and manage apps enterprisewide with secure mobile account management. Direct users to a curated list of IT approved business apps, automate configuration and policy settings and contain business data.

IT Automation Library and Scripting

Explore the large script library shared by thousands of IT professionals. Or, create your own custom monitoring and recovery functions in Python. Not familiar with Python? Our Team will write your script for free!

Comprehensive Audit and Inventory

Track and discover systems enterprisewide from a single pane of glass: every device and application at local and global levels.

Network Performance

Gather network monitoring and performance data into disk, memory, CPU, bandwidth, files, and logs for intelligence on all your network-connected devices.

Software Deployment

Deploy, update and manage third-party sofware automatically--no more manual software distribution. Automated alerts track application status and usage..

Analytics and Reporting

Customize and create your own reports with actionable information. Take a proactive stance and avoid problems with insight from data driven analysis.

Policy-based Management and Compliance

Configure endpoints with granularity based on context, user or group profiles, department or geography for compliance with company policies and regulatory guidelines. Dynamic policy management.

Auto Discovery and Deployment

Automatically discover endpoints and deploy software for fast onboarding. Scans network through Active Directory, workgroup, IP range or domain list and deploys any .exe, .msi or .mst package to discovered endpoints.

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Comodo ONE is an enterprise grade IT operating platform with a SaaS architecture that scales with your business, account base and services. It's a cost-effective way to manage your IT infrastructure without distruption.

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Solve complex performance and reliability problems with Comodo ONE cloud-based monitoring. Improve efficiencies and reduce manaul processes.

IT System Management & Automation

Quote Manager

  • Gain valuable insight into your sales cycle with sales pipeline and funnel reports
  • One click passing of service desk ticket information to quote manager
  • Easy branding of quote templates

Network Assessment

  • Generate opportunities by providing your customers and prospects with advanced insight into their IT environment and risk posture
  • Complete and easy profiling of IT environments with solid data
  • Analysis of network and security

Comodo One Mobile App

  • Track customer requests even while you’re on the run
  • Create new tickets
  • View open, assigned, overdue and unassigned tickets
  • Edit ticket information

Service Desk / Ticketing Platform

Solve end users problems faster with a cloud-based ticket management system that automates service requests, service-level agreements and ticket prioritization, anytime and anywhere.

Customer Relationship Management

Boost internal efficiency and drive consistency by automating workflow processes with tools for analytics reporting, inventory management, marketing campaigns, sales leads and calendar management.

Contracts, Invoicing and Billing

Avoid payment delays with biilling automation that ensures invoices are calculated accurately against service contracts and work performed.

Timesheets & Dispatchers Workshop

Schedule and dispatch more effectively to optimize use of technical talent based on skillsets, improve dispatch efficiency and shorten resolution times.

SLA Management

Automatically prioritizes, tracks and reports the information essential to ensure service level agreement (SLA) commitments are met to keep customers satisfied.

Time and Expenses Tracking

Simplify the approval process for time sheets and billing with accurate, real-time data on time and expenses by company, project and employee with an intuitive system that tracks everything.

Outlook Sync and Email Connect

Keep track of your customers emails with this tool that syncs your Outlook email, calendar, and contacts on all your devices via integration with Microsoft Exchange Extension.

Business Reports

Set your business strategy with the insight you need to drive growth with centralized data in focused reports that are customizable with current metrics for each department.

Comprehensive Project Management

Staff projects efficiently and improve forecasting with real-time project status reports and comprehensive project management tools. No more project creep, cost overruns or or overdue projects.

Inventory Management

Oversee all your devices from a single console including desktops, laptops, services and mobile devices. Perform remote provisioning, configuration, and control of Android, Apple and Windows devices.

Client Communication Portal

Stay in touch with your clients within a secure access portal that improves service delivery with visiblity and a direct channel of communication.

Unknown File Hunter

Scans and rates files as good, bad or unknown, and uploads unknown files to Valkyrie for Cloud-Based File Analysis for a definitive verdicts.

Requests for Customization

Need a new feature, customized workflow, or modifed screen? Our developers are constantly enhancing the platform based on the requests of our user community.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Use this set of portable computer security tools to identify and manually remove malware and unsafe processes from infected computers.

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For companies who manage the IT infrastructure, security and operations of their clients.



For companies to manage their own IT infrastructure, security and operations.


Executive Reports



Timezone Settings

Two Factor Authentication

Reseller Partnership

Integrated Modules

Service Desk (Ticketing)

IT and Security Manager

with RMM-Remote Monitoring, Remote Management, Remote Acess, Patch Management and Endpoint Security Management

RMM Plug-in

Standalone Patch management

Quote manager

with Quick Books Integration

Acronis Cloud Backup

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Security Information and Event Management

cDome Standard

Cloud Delivered Secure Web Gateway Platform

cDome Shield

DNS based Security as a-Service (SaaS)

cDome Cloud Firewall

Cloud based Frewall module

cDome Data Protection

Cloud Based Data Loss Prevention module

cDome Antispam Gateway

cDome Firewall Virtual Appliance

Enternal Modules

Korugan Central Manager


Network Assesment Tool

Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Unknown File Hunter Tool

Auto Discovery and Deployement Tool

Note: While creating an account the user needs to choose the type (business) of the account. For more details on the business type, please refer the "Compare Business Type" link available on the "Set Up Account Details" Page.

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