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ComodoAnti-Spam Gateway

Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway is an advanced email filtering solution designed to free employee's inboxes of Junk Mail Glut. It is cloud-based, which is ideally suited for small to mid-size businesses.

Why is Spam control Necessary ?

Risk of Compromise

Malware authors, spammers & 'phishers' have joined forces in an effort to socially engineer end-users to open email attachment or click on phishing links redirecting to malicious websites, thus infecting the host with viruses, Rrojans, spyware, rootkits & backdoors leading to the theft of confidential data and causing the infected system to be absorbed into global botnets.

Legal risk

Most mail-client software (e.g Microsoft Outlook) has a preview function that displays e-mail content. Pornographic, offensive, religiously or socially objectionabe material will be automatically exhibited which may lead to legal action against the employers failure to apply due diligence in not procuring readily available counter-measures to shield objectionable material.

Regulatory risk

Most spam email contains hidden tracking allowing the sender to identify which email addresses reviewed its messages - even in preview mode. This causes spam volumes to increase exponentially, but it may also cause a failure in regulatory compliance. For example, the data protection Act (U.K.), which dicatates that it is the company's responsibility to control any data sent from its email addresses.

Increased storage costs

For companies that have their own mail servers, or hosted mailboxes, spam consumes storage. Mail data stores or pay-per-Gigabyte cloud solutions often rapidly fill with junk mail requiring that more storage be purchased.

Network traffic interruption

Up to 80% of incoming traffic is spam. This interrupts regular network traffic, slowing down legitimate inbound communication also known as bandwidth starvation.

Increased connectivity costs

ISPs have to pay for the bandwidth that they resell to their customers, the more they have to buy to offset the volumes of customer spam consuming their bandwidth the more they have to charge the end-user

Blacklisting risk

Spammers increasingly use 'hijacked'mail servers to send their spam. This helps them remain anonymous in their inability to send or receive legitimate email.

Increased Administration costs

Mail servers administrators have to devote otherwise productive time to clean spam messages out of mailboxes in order to keep the server's mail stores operating at optimum capacity.

Decreased productivity

For every ten spam messages received per hour, at a rate of 3 seconds for identification and deletion, nearly 3 hours per month or 4 fully paid days per year are spent on inbox house keeping

Risk of fraud

Email from banks, clearing houses, online retailers and social networking sites have to be carefully scrutinized to ensure that they are genuine and not being used to mislead recipients to disclose sensitive information with the intension of conducting fraudulent transactions on behalf of the organisation or its users.

Key Benefits

Total elimination of email-borne malware threats to your network and data Elimination of wasted bandwidth due to unwanted email traffic Granular, centralized control of user- and group-based email policies Audit, litigation, and forensic support with comprehensive logging Fast, simple deployment with Active Directory/LDAP integration

It has a centralized, web based management console which makes it simple for administrators to set up, add users and domains, configure mail blacklists and whitelists and manage quarantined emails.

Only comodo combines the total security of a default-deny environment with the flexibility and operational freedom to default-allow. This game changing innovation solves the email security problem

Gateway-level filtering without the dedicated hardware deals with spam before it enters the corporate network.

ASG Enables Total Email Freedom

Comodo uses innovative technologies integrated into the Comodo Antispam Gateway:

Valkyrie - a cloud-based system that uses multiple analytic techniques, as well as in-depth human expertise, to score incoming email attachments as good, bad, or unknown. Unknown files are placed in containment for further analysis, and allowed to pass on to the user.


  • Inbound and Outbound filtering
  • Spam Protection
  • Virus Defense (included in license)
  • Phishing Link detection (included in license)
  • Message Tracking (included in license)
  • Traffic and Activity Reporting (included in license)
  • TLS support
  • Infinite Mail-archiving (add-on purchase)
  • Webmail functionality for Business Continuity (add-on purchase)
  • Forensic-grade audit logging of all incoming mail transactions & configurations
  • Granular Blacklist, Whitelist and Auto-Forward rule creation
  • Hosted on multiway, fail-over redundant server clusters
  • 99.99875% uptime
  • 98.6% catch rate with two in one million false positive rate
  • Real-time email traffic threat assessment and identification of suspicious email senders
  • Dual-layer virus defense is included using ClamAV as the primary layer and proprietary Comodo Antivirus as the second layer
  • Third-layer file verification of ‘unknown’ attachments is included in the license
  • Fully multi-tenant capable allowing multiple domains to be managed from a single administrative login
  • Administrator Groups and Permissions allows domain management privileges across different domains
  • User Groups & Permissions allows definition of user mail management rights
  • Message tracking through Incoming logs, Outgoing logs and Audit Log
  • Scheduled interactive Quarantine reports advises users of quarantined emails


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